On May 27 and May 28 Reading T-1 4-8-4 #2100 ran test runs between Ohio Central Railroad's Morgan Run Shop to the Dennison Railroad Museum in Dennison, Ohio. It completed a round trip of 80 miles. The locomotive performed flawlessly. It pulled OC Diner #5010 and GP-10 #7573.

I was very lucky to get to fire the locomotive that day. I was one of the last guys to fire the engine with coal. It is now in St. Thomas, Canada being converted to burn oil.

It is highly unlikely that you will see the engine run this century, but what better engine to run in the 21st century than the 2100. I believe from working with Tom Payne(the current owner) that the engine has gone to a good home. Probably better than any museum or non-profit would have given it here in the U.S.

Below are some pictures that I took during the test runs. I believe I took 115 pictures those two days. I have picked out a few here for everyone to see. These pictures are copyright to me. You need permission to use them. You can email if you'd like at to get permission.

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Here the 2100 make a run past the beautifully restored Dennison Railroad Depot
Here the 2100 makes another run past the beautifully restored Dennison Railroad Depot at speed
It was a perfect day to get pictures.

Here is a head on shot with the jewelry on
You have to love stainless cylinder covers
Here is a pic of the 2100 coming back into Morgan run taken by Jeff J. Jacobson
Here is yours truly firing the T-1. Photo by Kevin Rice
Here is a pic of the 2100 at Morgan Run on the 27th. Note the tender on the right is that of ex-BC&G 2-8-0 #13