Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad
Star above indicates location of Steam Locomotive

Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad
P.O. Box 427
Nelsonville OH 45764
(614)-470-1300 weekdays
(614)-753-9531 weekends June through October

Condition of Steam Locomotive(s): The 2-8-0 #33 is in average condition. It is currently tarped over waiting for the construction of a new engine house. It is due for a FRA 2 year inspection. The locomotive last ran in December 1996. I have been told it will be a couple of years before it runs again. I can't wait to see this large 2-8-0 back under steam, I'm sure I'm not the only one:-)
Also on the property is ex-OPE 0-6-0 #3 and ex-BB power 0-6-0 #13. Both of these engines are in pretty rough shape. I see no future plans for operation and a lot of work for cosmetic restoration.

History: #33 is an ex-LS&I 2-8-0. It came to the Hocking Valley from Michigan in the early 1970's. It was rebuilt and ran on the HVSR on a regular basis up until the early-mid 1990's. At which time the HVSR lost their engine house and was forced to leave the #33 outside. Without a place to work on the locomotive, members of the HVSR have decided not to work on her until she can be pulled under cover, at this time the jacket will be removed, tubes pulled, and a complete two year inspection done. This will take some time.
If anyone else can provide me with anymore info on the #33 or any of the other engines I would be grateful

I am currently working on getting pictures of HVSR Steam

Current Information/Status: Stored out of service

Miscellaneous: I visited the HVSR this past Fall, I saw the #33 under a huge tarp that was built specifically for the #33. I talked with a few members of the HVSR and they are eager to see the #33 back under steam again, as am I.
You can see pictures and info on the HVSR at Eric Mcfadden's website at http://www.qsl.net/~wd8rif/hvsr.htm

If you can help provide me with more info on the above engine(s) or you know of a steam engine not listed here you can send me mail at jjohnson@railfan.net