Toledo lake Erie and Western
Star above indicates location of Steam Locomotive

Here is an update and current status on The Toledo, Lake Erie, and Western Railway and Museum, Inc. (TLE&WR&M,I) steam locomotives as of 3/1/98.

Location: 49 North 6th Street, Waterville, Ohio 43566

Phone: 419-878-2177

Number: 202
Style: 0-6-0 Baldwin (switcher)
Year: 1920
Former: Detroit Edison
Condition: Static display (restorable)
History: The TLE&W leased a locomotive from C&O #377 for five years when that time was up. We seeked another steamer. The Michigan railroad Club came to the rescue by offering to donate 202, which was sitting beside a park in Monroe, Mich. for nine years, provided that TLE&W restore it to operation within 18 months. In 1974, eleven months to the day from receipt, engine #202 pulled TLE&W's first train from Waterville to Grand Rapids, Ohio, and remained in constant service until 1982, when the annual FRA inspection revealed that major overhaul was required on the engine.
Current Info Status: There is interest to restore, but no current funds.

Location and phone same as above;

Number: 15
Style: 0-6-0  Porter (switcher)
Year: 1908
Former: Brooklyn Eastern District Terminal
Condition: Static Display
History: After being purchased from it's owner down south. It was delivered via rail to a crane in Toledo unloaded by crane named Big Lucas. Transported to TLE&W there it sat until 1995 after it was sold to a private owner. Rebuilt in Waterville. Was operational in 1996 then never fired up again. Now sits as a display looking for another buyer.

*****This locomotive has been sold to the Britt Ascroft Company to be convert to Tomas the Tank Engine by the Strasburg Railroad Shops. It will travel around the Country pulling trains for kids.*****

TLE&WR&M,I is a tourist railroad, which now operates diesel powered trains starting May through October. Sincerely, Vic Geckle Jr.

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